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It is better to eat Twinkies with friends than to eat broccoli alone.

Our pastor made that point during today's sermon, I won't argue with that at all.


Ah Google, shame, shame. When are you going to start showing major support for non-windows platforms? I was looking forward to trying out your chrome browser today, on either mac or linux. But alas, you've once again released this first iteration solely for windows. You disappoint again.
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OSX Screen Sharing

I have enabled screen sharing on my 2 macs so that I could access them from my windows systems when I wasn't at the mac. I use VNCViewer in windows. The new iMac hadn't been letting me access it, but I've had no problems with the mini. The iMac is running 10.5 and the mini is running 10.4. I finally found the problem today with connecting to 10.5, it doesn't support lower resolution. I had been attempting to connect to it with the color setting set to "Low (64 colours)" finally today I changed it to "Full (all available)" and it connects just fine.


So I am finally trying Ubuntu, and I've already run into a problem with my hardware that would have kept a "Joe Sixpack" from being able to use it.

I was of the impression that Ubuntu was the user friendly Linux that would be the savior of Linux and finally get a lot of people to switch from Windows. While it is definitely more simple overall, with my hardware it had a major flaw. Upon getting it started X was completely unusable. There was about a 100 pixel wide area which was visible, it was replicated about 200 pixels over and the rest of the screen was a mess. It was basically impossible to use. I finally switched to a console and edited the xorg.conf file to specify the video resolution. It seems that with my old Thinkpad A22m Ubuntu was unable to determine the proper screen resolution and was defaulting me to 800x600. This sounds like a safe idea but for whatever reason the LCD did not like that at all. After getting the X configured to default to 1400x1050 the X login screen showed up correctly, but upon logging in it switched back to 800x600. Upon realizing this I deleted all my . directories and re-logged in to find my UI finally usable. Not a big problem for me, but any Linux newbie is not going to understand editing xorg.conf or deleting . directories.

Apart from that, so far it's running quite well on this old 900 Mhz Pentium III. When I installed a plugin for Firefox 3 my load jumped up to 2 but once synaptic was through taking care of all the dependencies the system was back to normal. Obviously with such and old box I won't really be doing much on this system. But, it'll do just nicely for browsing the net which is really all I need out of my laptop. I'll leave all my video/audio editing duties on the iMac.
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Meat Loaf and Elvis

I was just listening to Elvis Presley's live performance of "Unchained Melody" and it caused me to realize something. Meat Loaf is really the Elvis of my generation. True he doesn't have the fan power of Elvis, but they have something huge in common. Every song they perform is EPIC. Go ahead I dare you, find me another performer who could be classified more epic than either of them.
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